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Lighting things up in Brewster, New York!

We had a great weekend in Brewster, NY! The sun was out, the weather was perfect, and our garden bar was filled to the brim with fresh ingredients and mixers to make our three signature cocktails for the event. This week our clients chose a great combination of our Smoked Old Fashioned, Cucumber Martini, and Italian Paloma. Each cocktail was hand crafted and made to order with both freshness and expertise. Mixology Mixers' luxury bartending service offers over 40 popular cocktail options that will make any party rock! Let's take a closer look at this weekend's big three below.

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Smoked Old Fashioned

Smoked Old Fashioned

For this crowd pleaser we start out by mixing 2.5oz of bourbon, 3 dashes of Angostura bitters, and .5oz of our signature old fashioned simple syrup, a blend of brown sugar, maple, and orange peels that gives the bourbon a rich smoothness. We then stir the cocktail together using a bar spoon coated in luxardo cherry juice, pour over a large whiskey cube, and garnish with a luxardo cherry and orange peel. To finish, we pack our Mixology Mixers cocktail smoker with maple hickory wood chips, light it up, and end up with the perfect smokey smooth cocktail.

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Cucumber Martini

Cucumber Martini

The absolute definition of refreshment in a glass, we start this cocktail with 1.5oz of cucumber mint vodka from Ketel One Botanicals. Next we add .75oz of elderflower liqueur, 1oz of fresh squeezed lime juice and a splash of mint simple syrup. We then add a long slice of cucumber to our mixing tin and shake vigorously, this allows the whole cocktail to be bathed in fresh cucumber. Finally we double strain and garnish with a fresh cucumber ribbon, giving a wonderful aromatic and visual addition. In the heat of the summer it is the perfect cocktail to cool you down.

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Italian Paloma

Italian Paloma

Here we begin with 1.5oz of tequila, .5oz of freshly squeezed lime juice, a splash of orange simple syrup, and 1oz of fresh grapefruit juice. We then add the Italian component to the cocktail: .75oz Aperol. Shaking up all of these ingredients, the colors of the grapefruit juice and Aperol together give the drink an enticing coral glow, but we aren't done yet. Next we take a grapefruit peel and wipe the rim of our glass with it, giving us that extra flavor/aromatic boost. We then strain over fresh ice, top with a splash of club soda, and garnish with a ruby red grapefruit wedge. A fun twist on a classic drink, this is sure to be a summer favorite.

Be sure to check us out at , keep us in mind for your next wedding, corporate gathering, or luxury mobile bartending event.

Enjoy the drinks and see you at the next gig! Cheers!

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Carolyn Phillips
Carolyn Phillips

Perfect summer party drinks! 3 of my favorites!

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