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A Toast to the End of Summer

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Champagne Toast

With the kids going back to school and the weather getting cooler, the end of the summer is always a time of transition, and the perfect time for people to come together and celebrate. This weekend we did just that, being a part of a lovely wedding at Deans Mill Farm in Stonington, CT.

The weather was beautiful and the signature cocktail choices made by the bride and groom fit perfectly with the late August atmosphere. Described below are the recipes and flavor profiles for the featured drinks, or you can click here for a full list of our Signature Cocktails.

Mobile Bartending Event
Lavender Lemonade

Lavender Lemonade

This cocktail is definition of light and lovely. The key to the cocktail is the fresh lavender. We take fresh lavender buds and boil them, releasing all of the natural flavor, reducing them into a lavender sweetener. The rest is easy. We take fresh squeezed lemon juice , add our natural lavender sweetener, and use Ketel One vodka to create a simple, natural, refreshing cocktail that will always leave you wanting another. It makes a perfect signature cocktail for any wedding and is the ideal end of summer sipper.

Wedding Bartender
Mint Julep

Mint Julep

I know what you are thinking, shouldn't we be drinking this in May? The answer is yes, you should, but there is also no restriction on when or where this Derby cocktail is the perfect fit. Just like our Lavender Lemonade, our Mint Julep begins and ends with the freshness of the mint. To begin we take a fresh bushel of our home grown mint and boil it with sugar to create a delicious and fresh mint sweetener. We then blend it with 2.5oz of bourbon, give it a heavy shake, and garnish with a fresh mint sprig. This cocktail may seem easy to make, but it can be tricky to perfect. Though is has very few ingredients, the thing to remember when making a great mint julep is balance.

A Great Fall To All

Whether it be weddings, graduations, birthdays, or just backyard barbeques, one of the best parts about being a luxury mobile bartending service is being able to be a part of bringing people together. The bar is always the nucleus of the party. It is where people congregate, catch up, share stories, remember the past, and toast to the future. With another summer behind us, we are very thankful to have been able to be a part of that, and look forward to more good times to come.

Let's all have a great fall!


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