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Create a Buzz without the Buzz!

Removing the alcohol while keeping the spirit of your next mobile bartending event

"You know it is a well made drink when you can't taste the alcohol"

How many times have you heard people say this about a cocktail they are drinking? It happens all the time. Nowadays especially, great cocktails are hand-crafted and are much more than the sum of their parts. You are not tasting four or five ingredients you are tasting one, cohesive, blended flavor which evolves with each sip. So can this be done without using any alcohol? The answer is absolutely!

Here are a few tips to help you get there

Darien CT
Strawberry Mocktail Mojito

Finding your Flavor

Think about any one of your favorite drinks and ask yourself what does it taste like and which ingredients give it its flavor. When looking at this Summer Strawberry Mojito, it is not getting its amazing flavors from the ounce of rum, but from the blending of fresh summer strawberries which are balanced and blended with fresh crisp muddled mint and a squeeze of fresh lime juice. You will notice the keyword we keep running into is fresh

The Freshest Ingredients

Stamford CT
Fresh Garnishes and Fresh Juice

Only use the freshest ingredients to find your flavors. Avoid using syrups or synthetic sugars. If you want strawberry flavor, use a strawberry. Fresh lemon juice, fresh lime juice, fresh blueberries, fresh thyme. You get the idea.

Mixology Mock-Ups

Fairfield CT
NA Spirits

The past two years have seen an explosion in the creation of handcrafted mocktails. Because of that, we now have innumerable options to work with for non-alcoholic spirits. This makes almost every cocktail available in a non-alcoholic version without having to sacrifice taste and structure. It gives us the freedom to create and consume what we like without restriction.

Lose the Spirits, Keep the Spirit

Regardless of what side of the bar you find yourself on, serving and consuming alcohol comes with many risk factors that need to be closely monitored. From overconsumption to underage serving,

there can be many restrictions and stresses when it comes to alcohol service. These are important things to consider when hosting your next gathering or event. Going the mocktail route solves every one of these issues before they begin, and hiring Mixology Mixers as your luxury mobile bartending service gives you the option to wow your guests with an impressive and hand-crafted mocktail menu. Almost every one of our signature cocktails can be converted to a mocktail while keeping that classic flavor and fantastic presentation we are known for. Check out our signature cocktail page below and start crafting the menu for your next party or event. Cheers!

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