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Specialty Bars

A Bar To Remember

If you're looking for something EXTRA - this is it. Mixology Mixers specialty bars elevate the art of cocktail making and will keep your guests entertained, and engaged. And of course, each cocktail offers a perfect flavor profile of well-balanced ingredients.  

Exclusive Specialty Bars

Smoked Bourbon Bar -

Starting at $400 for parties of up  to 50 guests

Package includes:
•    Wood Smoker with 5 flavors

•    Curate Seasonal Favors, bitters, vermo
uth, luxardo cherries
•    Glassware and Set up
•    Large Ice Cubes

A rich Twist on a classic cocktail.  The smoked Old Fashioned

or Tequila bar is inflavors.


It’s a party WOW factor - taste, aroma, and presentation. 

Tropical Island Mojito Bar -  

starting at $300 for parties of

up to 50 guests

Package includes:
•    6 Fresh Fruit Flavors
•    Tropical Florals Bar Styling

•    Fresh Pressed Lime
•    Garden Fresh Mint
•    Beveled Beverage Mojito Dispenser

Make your Cocktails memorable. Your guests will be wowed by our

creative, mouthwatering, and beautiful aesthetically pleasing Mojito Bar.

Not only will the flavors delight, but the magnificent tropical floral

theme will also impress.

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