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Whether your intent is to charm investors, celebrate a banner year, or appreciate your colleagues’ 

Mixology will serve up a successful event.   Mixology Mixers offers

 8 unique mobile bar options to elevate and impress all who attend.

Our bartenders are professional and knowledgeable. 

Our 5-star reviews can give you confidence that you will be receiving the

Mixology Mixers Customer service experience that your event deserves. 

Mixology Mixers serves flavor profiles that are curated ingredients and

make the perfect mix for your favorite libations. 

You can select from over 30 popular -s signature cocktail options.

We collaborate with you to ensure your event is uniquely yours. 

We strive to bring excellence to your very important event


2 Package Options

Mixology Mixers Classic Corporate Package 

The Classic Mixology Mixers Mobile Bar Package will give you peace of mind knowing that your party is fully covered by our General and Liquor Liability.  We carry Wormans Comp (required by the state).   All staff is on payroll (not 1099 or "under the table"), which means they and you are fully covered should anything happen during your event.

Let us do all the work to make SURE your party is completely planned and headache-free. This package is cost-effective and will save you money with your party planning. The hours you would spend gathering all of the items needed for stocking a bar can be extensive.  The cost to purchase all of these necessary items may be substantially more than renting the entire bar set up from Mixology Mixers.

  • Party Planning - Unlimited Communication

  • 2 - 3 Hour Set up/clean up 

  • Select from 6 Bar Options that will match your party style 

  • Custom Bar Styling

  • Disposable Drinkware

  • Dry Goods: stirrers, napkins

  • Beverage Tubs for clean ice service, beer, wine

  • Travel

  • Beverage Dispensers 

  • Garnishes and Glass Holders

  • Mixers - Juices, Soda, Cocktail Enhancements

  • Shopping/Preparation 

  • Ice/Coolers

  • General and Liquor Liability 1Day Event Fees

  • Beverages -- Outline

  • Delivery/Removal


  • Hydration Station - Mixology will set up an infused water station (two options), beverage dispensers, bottled water, with tubs, ice, a styled table, and disposable cups for your guests’ arrival as well as offered during your party. A separate area will be styled/set up/breakdown included.

  • Party Signage - Display your signature drinks and bar options with 8X10 custom signage created by our in-house graphic designer.  

  • Glassware - Mixology offers champagne, cocktail, tall, or wine glasses, martinis, or upgraded hard plastic drinkware for the outdoor pool party offerings.

  • 10 by 10 Tent for bar coverage.

  • Mocktail -  A cocktail-style beverage made without alcoholic ingredients

  • Champagne Toast  - we can set up a champagne toast area or pour it at the table. We will provide additional tubs for chilling, ice, and service for your specialty toast.​​

  • Specialty bar  - Smoked Whisky Bar, Mojito Bar, Olive Martini Bar - Mimosa Bar -  Bloody Mary Bar. Let us know your favorite drinks and we can create a specialty theme bar for you!

  • Fresh Mixers -  Mixology prepares fresh-made juices and mixers to serve up flavors that make the ultimate cocktails!

  • Garnishes - Signature and Specialty Cocktails are finished off with the perfect specialty garnishes.

  • Exclusive Specialty Bars

Mobile Bar Options and Designs


Here Comes The Bride. Mixology Mixers will design your wedding mobile bar or mobile bar trailer, service, and drinks to be "the icing on the cake" and a stunning focal point full of memories. 

Signature Drink Selections



Freshly squeezed juices, curated cocktail enhancements, and garnishes will complement the perfect signature cocktails you select.​  

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