• Beverage Dispensers 

  • Garnishes and Glass Holders

  • Mixers - Juices, Soda, Cocktail Enhancements

  • Shopping/Preparation 

  • Ice/Coolers

  • Signature Cocktails Selection

  • Beverages -- Outline

  • Delivery/Removal

Includes Standard Mobile Bar Package 

The Standard Mixology-Mixers Mobile Bar Package will give you peace of mind knowing you won't be missing key elements for proper service.   Let us do all the work to make SURE your party is completely planned and headache-free. This package is cost-effective and will save you money with your party planning. The hours you would spend gathering all of the items needed for stocking a bar can be extensive.  The cost to purchase all of these necessary items may be substantially more than renting the entire bar set up from Mixology. Costs are customized to your party depending on the hours of your party, size of party, staffing needs, travel, etc.

  • Bartender Service - Servers

  • Party Planning - Unlimited Communication

  • 2 - 3 Hour Set up/clean up 

  • Mobile Bar of Your Choice

  • Upgraded Bar Styling

  • Disposable Drinkware

  • Dry Goods: stirrers, napkins

  • Beverage Tubs for clean ice service, beer, wine

  Rolling Bar Package

Entertaining at its finest!  The Premier Plus Rolling Bar will roll out all the stops in our Mixology Mobile Bar.  Mixology Premier Plus offers all the premium features and takes it one step further with our Rolling Bar.  You can bring the full bar experience right to your backyard! Starting at $500 in addition to either the Standard Mobile Bar Package or Luxury Premier Package.

  • 10 by 10 Tent

  • String Lightbulb Lighting

  • Theme Styling

  • Photo Opportunity Staging/Guest Sign-in Area

  • Neon Custom Signs to Celebrate Your Special Event

  • Memorabilia Table 

  • Interactive Game Options


Premier Extras Package

Includes all extra services in one package. Rely on the professionals to do all the work CORRECTLY so that 

you can have all the fun!   

15% off Premier Package

  • Set up/clean up

  • Mobile bar​

  • Shopping Dry Goods

  • Shopping/Preparation Garnishes

  • Beverage Delivery/Removal

  • Beverage Order

  • Party Planning/Communication

 Regular Rate - $160 - 200

(with or without delivery)

Discounted Rate - $140 - $165